Is it worth installing the free windows ten version on an old computer?

I have an old computer laptop with AMD vision chip. Will installing the free version
of Windows 10 speed it up?, and will it work be:slightly_smiling_face:tter?

MOre details needed: RAM, which CPU exactly

Depends… I have a old laptop (HP2000 etc) with a clearly underpowered CPU and while Windows 10 technically installs and works, it’s too slow as it’s too CPU resource hungry and Linux Mint works much better since it does not have to waste resources running a bunch of junk.

Jep, installed on my little Celeron Mint and it works much better than with W8.1 and W10. It help a bit if I don´t use Windows Defender, I used Panda Free Edition and it works better but still not good

Please, there is NOTHING free about Winshit 10. Unless you can put an Education version on your machine, Micro$oft will slurp all your data from your machine and it will no longer belong to you. If you are up for it, read the 45 page EULA and see what you allow them to do with your data. :sob:

I think you may have a point? I also have a 2018 HP laptop with S mode windows 10
and while I like that it has good protection and, they do give me a free year of Mcafee
virus protection? You cant download it to your computer unless you disable the S mode.
Also you cant install any other software unless you disable it?:neutral_face: