Is it worth installing the free windows ten version on an old computer?

I have an old computer laptop with AMD vision chip. Will installing the free version
of Windows 10 speed it up?, and will it work be:slightly_smiling_face:tter?

MOre details needed: RAM, which CPU exactly

Depends… I have a old laptop (HP2000 etc) with a clearly underpowered CPU and while Windows 10 technically installs and works, it’s too slow as it’s too CPU resource hungry and Linux Mint works much better since it does not have to waste resources running a bunch of junk.

Jep, installed on my little Celeron Mint and it works much better than with W8.1 and W10. It help a bit if I don´t use Windows Defender, I used Panda Free Edition and it works better but still not good

Please, there is NOTHING free about Winshit 10. Unless you can put an Education version on your machine, Micro$oft will slurp all your data from your machine and it will no longer belong to you. If you are up for it, read the 45 page EULA and see what you allow them to do with your data. :sob:

I think you may have a point? I also have a 2018 HP laptop with S mode windows 10
and while I like that it has good protection and, they do give me a free year of Mcafee
virus protection? You cant download it to your computer unless you disable the S mode.
Also you cant install any other software unless you disable it?:neutral_face:

I’ve never attempted to run Windows 10 (I run GNU/Linux on my desktop), but according to this YouTube video, Windows 10 can boot with less RAM than Windows 7. IDK if that actually means it runs faster, but it looks kind of promising.

So how much physical RAM does the machine have? You can also make it a lot better by installing an SSD, assuming the device is not so old that it has an IDE interface. If possible, get an Enterprise version as it does less spying on you or even better and Education version. Depending on the licencing the local school has with Microsoft, the Education version is possible and that should not do any spying though I bet Microshit still gets it to send some telemetry back to the mothership.

If you have 2GB then install Winshit 10 32bit version. If 4GB then the 64bit version. I would not try running it with 1GB despite what the YouTube video says. In my experience operating systems will run better in a Virtual Machine than in the physical hardware.

Personally, depending on what one does with the computer, I would say this when it comes to system RAM…

1GB = Linux Mint (definitely avoid Windows with anything around this level of RAM)
2GB = Linux Mint (this sort of seems to be a bare minimum with Windows. but Mint will be better since it will likely take longer before you run low on RAM on Linux)
4GB = Linux Mint or Windows 10

I would avoid 32bit OS as a general rule as I would go 64bit straight up regardless of RAM as the only way I would go 32bit is if one has no choice due to CPU limitation.

Better as in more stable? ; because in terms of speed it’s obvious things run faster on the actual hardware than it does through a virtual machine as things are a bit more laggy in a virtual machine vs the actual hardware. because on my primary PC for example… Windows 10 clearly runs faster on the actual hardware than it does through a virtual machine through Linux Mint using VirtualBox. because while it’s usable, but you can see things are a bit delayed/laggy.

Yeah, just about any half way decent computer will benefit from SSD as even a older underpowered CPU in a laptop I got, which I mentioned above about the HP2000, benefits from it (Intel 545s 128GB SSD) even though you can see the CPU still holds overall performance back to some degree. but boot up times are clearly faster with the SSD than without as expected. but I guess it just depends on how much $ one wants to spend on their setup as one can still get a decent SSD for around $30 if they are more concerned with the speed bump and not too concerned with storage space.