Is it worth changing an 800 duron for a 1200?

I need to quickly upgrade my Sons pc Cheaply. It’s not worth spending much because he’ll get this one soon when I upgrade.
The question is(are): Is it worth changing an 800 duron for a 1200? how does it compare with an Athlon 1ghz? Can they be overclocked much and again is it worth it.

Thx, Dane.

Whoa, easy tiger! :cool:
You can overclock ANY processor, provided that you have the right stuff. This includes motherboard, cooling, and RAM. What is the MOBO you are using? If it is one that you can overclock (I can determine by make & model), you can overclock the 800 no problem. How big is your case and how many fans are in it? How fast is your RAM and how much do you have? All of these determine the amount you can overclock - when you overclock the processor, you also overclock the BUS speed, which makes your RAM faster, and your processor generates more heat. You may be able to overclock the 800 by as much as 50%. It all depends on your system setup.

Hope this helps!!!

I’m ok with mild O/Cing :wink: I 've been running my 1Ghz Athlon at 1200ish for a couple of years now. It was running a lot higher at one point but the G/F complained about the noise :frowning:
What I’m really after is, is it worth changing the 800 for a 1200 as a temporary (and cheap), quick performance boost. Is the difference worth the small outlay?

To answer your question simply.

Yes, the 1.2 gig Duron can be overclocked very well, generates less heat than previous Durons, and seems to be stable.


Without knowing what motherboard you have, can’t say if a 1.2Gig Duron will work on it or not. May not work, may have to flash the bios, it all depends on how new it is and what support chipset you have.

Will a 1.2 gig Duron be as good as a 1.0 Gig Athlon? No. The Athlon will be better in the long run.

If the motherboard will take the 1 Gig Athlon with no major problems, go with the Athlon, it’ll be more cost effective.

Got an O/Ced ath in 1 pc and 800 duron in my sons. His mobo should take 1200 with a bios update but is it worth the £28($40) to do it?

If he needs the extra power, then yes. like for playing games and stuff.