Is it worth buying the LiteOn 1633 drive?

Saw this drive at one of our local Computer fairs today for Aust$155. Is this drive worth buying or am I better off purchasing the NEC 3500 or a soon to be released LiteOn drive?


Since the NEC should have a similar price I would buy the NEC.

I have bot a nec3500, a liteon 832 and a liteon 1633. I most like the nec3500 because I can burn some discs at 12X using liggy’s beta 6 and I like my 832S because it burns very good discs at 8X with C0deKing’s latest f/w, I like my 1633S for kprobe scans ;).
At the moment the f/w is shit and you get good results on only very few media.

get a 1213S, and flash it to 1633S

This isn’t the point. The matter is the actual firmware that won’t let this drive work as it should. May be next releases will change things, but who knows? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the feedback. I must admit I am also tempted by the NEC3500 by want to be sure that that the bitsetting issues with the patched firmware have been sorted out. LiteOns are great due to CodeKing & his merry crew & their Omnipatcher.

Might wait a bit longer to see what else comes out.



If I was only going to have one DVD recorder, it would be the Nec 3500. Of course, at present I have not only a Nec 3500, but also a Pioneer 108, a Liteon 1213@1633, a Nec 2500, and a Pioneer 106. The Liteon 1213 with the BS0C 1633 firmware does a nice job of recording on quality +R media. And, of course, it does an excellent job of running Kprobe, which is what I bought it for.

so expensive!!
i got it for SGD 119 which is about 105-110 AU$

I also recently acquired a 1633s mainly for its scanning ability… with BS0C, some +R quality is quite good. I decided to go ahead after reading some good comments on BS0C.
However, it is hard to beat 3500AG. With Liggy’s beta firmware, I just burnt a RICOHJPNR01 at 12X with pretty good result. It is amazing to burn the 4x @ 12x… because I HAVE A TON OF THEM!
Originally, I think 2510A with Herrie’s firmware is just as good as 3500AG because many media are down-speed in 3500AG… so for most of my media, they are burning at the same speed if not slower with 3500AG… However, with Liggy’s firmware, all’s changed…