Is it worth batch converting mp3 to mp3pro?

I have quuite an extensive mp3 library now about half my own cd conversions and half high quality d/loads. Is it worth converting these to another format such as mp3pro or should I leave well alone. I understand that I would be going from one lossy format to another but I suppose what I’m trying to ascertain is whether mp3 will be around a long while to come? Difficult question to answer I suppose given the pace of technology but what do people think??

mp3 is going to stay. The only advantage mp3pro has over mp3 is the higher quality at lower bitrates (less than 128 kbit/s), so converting your mp3 library is absolutely pointless.

mp3 has become an industry standard over the years. Even newer (and better) compression algorithms like AAC or mpc won’t replace it, since mp3’s quality is “good enough” for the vast majority of audio equipment sold today, especially at higher bitrates (e.g. LAME -alt preset standard / extreme VBR encoding).

Since storage is becoming cheaper every day, lossless compression is the future, even for portable devices or car stereos. You may want to check out FLAC, Monkey’s Audio etc. lossless compression.

Thanks very much for the reply. Am I right in thinking ten that you could convert MP3 to either Monkey or FLAC without any loss of quality?

You could do that, but the point is to convert your CDs to lossless formats in future. You can compress your CDs up to 50% without losing quality at all.

If you convert a lossy format like mp3 to a lossless one, you will just waste space, since the quality will stay the same, while the files will take more space.

Yes and FLAC is my reconmended lossless, concidering the amount of time and effort people put into the codec,

WMA is More better than Mp3 & Mp3 Pro

but not as well supported, from fones to car stereos. plus all that horrible DRM…

Why use a Format that Only a PC can understand n Play…A Music or MP3 will play in Most DVD Players n Car Stereos n Hi-Fis but the others Won’t…Why Complicate things.