Is it true that updating the firmware of a drive makes you lose your waranty

Hi guys just want to ask.

My pc shop told me that if i upgrade the firmware of a drive i will lose my waranty on it - is that true??

No not as long as the update is meant for your drive.

However if you overclock your drive using other firmwares than the ones specified from the manufacturer you loose your warranty.

it depends on the manufacturer. To be absolutly certain read the warranty, but if its an official firmware relaesed from say liteon, then it should void your warranty.

More than likely what the guy meant is if you overlcock it using a different firmware that it will.

But if you do overclock and start having problems and decide to take it in, just reflash back to original firmware in the drive (of course you made a backup of the firmware before you flashed;) ), they would never know unless you told them.