Is it true that LG burners have problems with

I’ve been looking through this forum for many weeks now, and I’ve finally come to a conclusion to buy LG GSA-4120B.

I just want a confirmation from someone who owns the burner already, if the drive has problems with burning copy-protected DVDs, including making backup images on your hard drive. So far, all I’ve found on this site are extrapolations from previous models from LG. Maybe someone can confirm this?

Thank you.

Since similar questions are posted many times, I’m forwarding it to a place at least some 4120B owners will see very soon.

But what is copy-protected DVD’s?

IC. I’ll be glad to hear some news from the owners.

I don’t know the specifics but aren’t all recent (like REAL recent) applications and games on DVDs somehow copy-protected like CDs are with Safedisc and Securom?

I have heard of them but never seen one. It seems very unlikely that 4120B would ever have that feature.

You can copy and burn a copyright protected movie with this drive, yes. The software you will need is called DVD shrink. Once you download it(it should be free), you will open the program and then click “open Disc” to find the disc in the drive. Then you will end up clicking on “Backup Now”. Good luck…Tim

You are aware of the fact that you are answering a thread which is almost 2 years old, aren’t you?


Maybe a Google Search or CDFreaks Search produced this thread. But DVD Shrink has so little to do with “problems with” “LG burners.”

Only an AUTHORING Burner with appropriate Authoring media would be able to burn such a protected DVD.

Burning a protected dvd with DVDShrink, huhu. That’s really weird news…