Is it true Nero has problems with XP Service Pack 2?! What to do?!


I intend to buy a new PC and it will come with XP Service Pack 2 pre-installed. Is it true that Nero 6 but also Nero burning ROM in general has problems with SP2?! Which are those and what can you do about it?!

By the way, if you’re PC comes with SP2 pre-installed, can you uninstall it and download and install SP1 or something?

Thanks for all usefull info!

As far as im aware i belive it used to when SP2 first come out. But the lastest versions of Ultra edition are fine.

So if you intend on using either Nero 5 or 6.3 or lower (as i think the jump from 6.3 > 6.6 was the fixing of SP2 compatability). You will have problems

Ive been using SP2 since April and in that time burned 50-100 DVD-Rs and nope no problem whatsoever

Does that mean that both writing to cds AND dvd (also double layer dvd’s) works perfectly fine with SP2? Also multisession cds and dvds?!

I had the same prob, heres what you do, close all tabs disconnect feed to internet and shut down fire wall install turn back on and reconnectit should work just fine…

I’ve also burned hundreds of DVDs and CDs with Nero under SP2 with no problems.


Download and install the latest updates to Nero. I have no problems with Nero under SP2