Is it true lite-on dvd burners tend to just die?

Cause I know thats what happen to my 811S, so thats why i dont no if i should get the new lite on DL one, ore the nEC DL one

All computer components have a limited life span. Actual mechanical components often have shorter lifespans as compared to components with no moving parts. All optical drives will die after a certain amount of usage and some drives last longer than others. Liteon has a reputation as a brand that produces cheap drives that work well for a while, but don’t necessarily last as long as products from other manufacturers. I have had a LTR-24102B die after 2 years or so of use, and I don’t expect my LDW-401S@811S to last much longer since I’ve had it for quite some time now.

I don’t dispute the fact that some Liteon drives die before they probably should, but this happens with drives from all manufacturers.

ok so what about the drive life compared to an NEC? cause my 811S died ater a few months

I think its not just the fact with moving parts how long a Drives lifespan is.
There some other factors for example Vibrations, High temperature including fast temperature changes too high temperatures and many other things.
My first Drive was a Traxdata 4x4x24 and it still works like the 8x4x32 drive i got after the 4x one.
In my opinion there is noone who can just say my drive lasts for about that amount of years.

:stuck_out_tongue: Interesting.

Well, I guess if you want to be at all analytical about this, you would look at the MTBF rating on the hardware as specified by the fabrication company/manuf. Compare the MTBF of company A and company B. Whichever is longer, therefore is deemed “more reliable”.

Makes sense? Sure. Works in the real world? I doubt it. :bigsmile: