Is it true CDROM players can't read multisession discs until they are "closed"?!


Is it true that if you create a multisession cd/dvd, that it can’t be read by a dvdrom/cdrom player until it is closed?!

Then what’s the point of creating a multisession disc. My idea was to start a multisession disc so that I can always add files to it later if I want, but meanwhile I would ofcourse like to be able to use that disc as cdrom to read files from it, copy/paste files from it to harddisk, etc… isn’t that possible unless you first close the disc (but then you can’t add anything to it anymore)?!

Or is this perhaps only true for “older” cdrom/dvdrom players and can newer models read “unclosed” multisession discs like normal cdrom discs, including allowing you to copy/paste files from it etc…

Anybody could please clarify this cause the Nero 5.5 helpfile I have doesn’t say much about this! I would buy Nero 6 if that makes a difference.

Thanks for the info!

IIRC you need special software to see the prior sessions, until they’re closed.

Actually I have a disc that IS closed, and I still need special software because my friend forgot to import the prior sessions into the final one. Bleh.

1 cd/dvd will not last forever remember limited capacity and you cant erase it unless its a rewritable media not to mention doing multisession wastes alot of media space you could have normally use when doing a onetime finalized burning,anyway i got one multisession cd and it reads fine in my cdrw and cdrom just like any other discs btw i have nero6,anyway if your using the medias for casual data backups another hdd maybe even along with external enclosure is better for that

you should get nero6 it have tons of improvments and bug fixes