Is it time to take a stand against anti-piracy group known as the RIAA?

I just posted the article Is it time to take a stand against anti-piracy group known as the RIAA?.

c44 lets us know that The Register has posted an interesting article on their website. After the reports that the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) was planning to sue…

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It’s LONG past time for a RIAA boycott. I haven’t bought a CD since 1999. And I’ve sent letter to my favorite bands and their labels explaining that I won’t buy until they quit calling me a theif and threatening my computer, freedom, and bank account. But a boycott is just the beginning. We also need to roll back the copyright insanity the RIAA has purchased from an easy Congree. (Anyone ever look at the campaign donation numbers and notice that the LARGER ones are $250,000. It’s bad enough our country was sold for TV time but it’s extra insulting that it went for so cheap…)

its time they stopped blaming piracy for EVERYTHING.

woohoo. Down with the RIAA !! Where do RIAA get there money from? The money spent on the RIAA could go to other better things. Please come up with a plan that would allow THOUSANDS of us to help out take a stand against this crap. Lets let our voice be heard and take on the RIAA at their own game.

Yes how about a cdfreaks t-shirt proclaiming a boycott. Use some of the money to create a festering sore on the face of the RIAA. I will not buy another cd until the RIAA drops it’s P2P litigations and piracy whining. :B

Next the RIAA will be targeting: Minidisc owners Compact Cassette owners CD-RW owners DVD +/-RW owners People that once had the use of a wax cylinder recorder in 1903 People with 2 tin cans a bit of string Ad infinitum I am afraid they can threaten to sue who they like the genie is out of the bottle and it isn’t going back in, for every person they threaten another 10 or a 100 or a 1000 find a P2P service. Living with it or working with it would seem like a more prudent solution but the severe myopia that the RIAA is currently suffering sees it trying to crack a lump hammer with a peanut.

The RIAA is realy taking the piss now with there whine whine whine piracy’s killing us bullshit. Why don’t they actually take a look at the sheer amount of crap the record industry is putting out before they start calling us all “Pirates” I aint bought a CD in over 6 years and to be honest aint downloaded any new album’s either as its all crap its not so much piracy thats killing them its there quantity over quality attitude and to start sueing there customers is a bit retarded.

I stopped buying CDs since the time they hit $15 from what they used to be…what was it then, $10 each? And at that time Napster wasn’t even up yet. Goes to show they’re only out to leech money out of our wallets. I’ve been boycotting them long ago, it’s time all of us do the same! :d

oh christ the dollar sign doesn’t work…repost time :g I stopped buying CDs since the time they hit 15 dollars from what they used to be…what was it then, 10 dollars each? And at that time Napster wasn’t even up yet. Goes to show they’re only out to leech money out of our wallets. I’ve been boycotting them long ago, it’s time all of us do the same!

Do you people know what is funny about this… Is that RIAA is complaining about money losses and look at then waist money on layours to sue everybody… DOWN WITH RIAA ( Recording Industry Association of America ) What the Hell can you do, if i´am in portugal A** HLS :stuck_out_tongue: :d. P2P USERS - BOYCOTE CD´S -LETS DOWNLOAD… :wink: P.S - This is for RIAA people - The most people i know that buy cd´s are P2P users, who downloads de music and after buy the original… so… YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE A LOT OF COSTUMERS…
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CDFreaks, Seriously, Make a part of the Site Devoted to the ANTI RIAA movement. make a signup sheet and a forum where people can talk about and signup saying that they will not buy any music till the RIAA backs off the P2P programs and users. Lets make this huge, CDfreaks you guys can pay for the extra bandwidth with the T-SHirt sales that you could start saying stuff like “The RIAA forced me to stop paying for my music and helping to support my bands.”. What do you guys think? you could make this huge, please think about it.

Gawd Damnit RIAA is as ANNOYING as PETA… Yeeeashh. :frowning:

Don’t forget there are tons of people who don’t know where to start when it comes to making mp3 files and what to do with them once they have them, boycotts never work, and raising money to challenge the RIAA in court will never get you anywhere. If you want to screw the RIAA show your friends and family how to make mp3s clue them in on Head units that play mp3 files, the iPOD, the Audiotron. The RIAA is playing up a very small piracy problem to make it sound like the sky is falling they are lying about how many people are doing it, make there lies true. Stop paying for music and make sure everyone you know does the same, don’t start a BLOG, don’t start a web page; Talk to off-line people like your grandparents, parents and there friends it will freak you out what a difference that can make, and once you show them make sure they know it very well so they can show others. I don’t believe in a world of just ideas, that is where we are headed there are lots of companies that produce NOTHING but hold IP (Intellectual Property) to some process or sub process or post process that is little more then a block on some flow chart that someone who wants to make a real product needs to buy the rights to. But a farmer or a bus driver is a 2nd class citizen cause he uses his hands and does a real job. Compare that to people who patent the business process of having a meeting and sue everyone who has ever had one. Thoughtful 'idea" people are great when you want to land on the moon or build a CPU but corporations and corporate lawyers are the ones who end up controlling the ideas, if the DMCA was around in the 80s there would have never been the personal computer from anyone but IBM, and the reason we all have PCs for cheap today is because of the PC clone business not IBM. The reason we have AMD (forcing Intel to innovate) is from IP leakage from Intel that could never happen today, think of what won’t happen because the people in power will soon have ABSOLUTE power over the ideas. And remember both the Pentium 5 and AMD’s new chips both have built in copy protection (DRM), that you can’t disable.

Does anyone know of a site that might have more information about the built in copy protection of the pentium 5 and the next AMD chip that is being spoken of in the reaction by Sorti above? I have searched on cdfreaks mainpage, cdfreaks forums, google, and the register. Any information that anyone could provide would be greatly appriciated. TIA

To understand the copy protections that they are adding to the PC processors first you have to have a basic understanding of Public Key Cryptography. In Public Key Cryptography you have two sets of data. One that can lock the down, and a key that can unlock the data. One key is usually private and held as a secret by the company that owns it, the other is made public to the world. This is how you copy protect games. For example the XBOX. XBOX games are encrypted. the Key to unlock the data is built into the system. So when you stick the disc in the XBOX unencrypts it plays the game. But you can’t make a copy of the game because the XBOX will only load an encrypted game. In other words if the XBOX finds a game that is already unlocked it will get suspcious and not boot it. In other words if the XBox finds a locked door it will unlock it and go through it, if the door was already unlocked it thinks it’s house is being robbed and stays the hell away from it. Basically Microsoft wants to add this technology to your PC. But in a must stricter sense. It wants to make email that will disappear after it is read. Which would make it much easier for people to threaten to kill you over the Internet and leave you with no legal recourse. Other aspect is locking down your software. At first Microsoft plans to release an operating system with a few secruity features like the disappearing email, but they want to program the system to do download instructions off the net and constantly change the way it works. Eventually your computer will no longer boot unlock software just like Xbox games. So hobbiest programmers like myself could no longer program because I wouldn’t have the microsoft key to lock up my software proving that it’s safe. So when people downloaded my programs their computer would tell them it’s a virus even though it’s not. Microsoft says this will keep viruses from running but it won’t. The virus will find a way around the secruity even though my innocent program would not. The software that is locked down will be able to phone home as well. Through the Internet. Why would it want to do this? To see if you’ve paid your montly fee. That’s right, instead of buying software you would have to pay a seperate fee for every program you use. If you didn’t your software would phone home, and see that the fee hasn’t been paid and refuse to boot. Not hooking up to the Internet wouldn’t work either, if the software realized it could no longer phone home, it would also refuse to boot. It’s mostly based on greed and Trusted Computing. Which is decieving because Trusted Computing is marketed to make you think that you can trust your computer. But that is not what Trusted Computing is. Trusted Computing means that software makers can trust that your computer will do what they tell your computer to do. In other words it will take control of your PC away from you, and give it to another company by using these software keys that will be built into the new pentium and the AMD processor. There’s also a censorship feature. If the Government decides they don’t want your computer to access certain software, or data, or information, they put that information on a blacklist. Your computer will be forced to phone home, get an update of the blacklist and refuse to go to websites on that blacklist. Your entire computer will be controlled by someone for the sole purpose of making more money off you. The more you pay, the more control you have over your PC. How convienent. The new version of MS windows was suppose to be called Palladium. However it’s now been changed to Microsoft’s Next generation Computing base I think or something like that. Stay away from this. The way they sell it will be deceving too. At the store it will play illegal MP3s and you’ll think this isn’t so bad. Then you’ll get it home and the PC will phone home and it will be instructed to only play songs you’ve paid for. Only after you’ve paid $1,300 though. For more information on Trusted Computing Refer to this address.

quote Please come up with a plan that would allow THOUSANDS of us to help out take a stand against this crap. Lets let our voice be heard and take on the RIAA at their own game. /quote Did you say MILLIONS :g

Adding DRM will not solve the solution, remember when the Pentium added that IDENTIFAIBLE Key which people complaint due to privacy so they had it able to turn off. Well, if the DRM comes out people won’t by the Machine and settle for Pentium 4s instead and thats no big deal because most of the software out there barely takes advantage of the P4s. :stuck_out_tongue: For and averages user like me an Athlon XP 2GH is good enuf.,1551,53805,00.html

People will buy the Pentium 5 without knowing there is something very bad about it. Business and Game players will continue to buy the newest machines without caring about DRM and MS & Intel know this. DRM will enable a DVD like region coding system where each PC is its own region.