Is it time for a Wii price cut?

I just posted the article Is it time for a Wii price cut?.

The Nintendo Wii seemed like it was untouchable, with retailers quickly selling out of console units for months after it was released. But recent sales struggles have left some wondering if…

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Already have a Wii and it’s been sitting on the shelf for over 9 months now.

Gadget console with 2-3 games worth your time.

You are better off with a X360 or PS3 now with their upcoming movement detection technologies. Not only will you have something equivalent to the Wii in the “move and play” department, but with much better graphics and multimedia options.

There is no reason to buy a Wii over PS3 or X360 anymore unless you are a die-hard fan of Zelda, Mario and Metroid.

Zelda rocks as well as final fantasy even though I’ll get that on the PS3. :slight_smile:

the wii was selling huge numbers for so long, there’s no way it was sustainable. They’re still selling more than the 360 and the ps3. I would say if they lost top ranking in sales, then they could do a price cut. They’ve probably just saturated their market, because they’ve sold so many already. I still think the 360 has a better bang for your buck, wii games look awful on an hdtv.

I wouldn’t buy a Wii anymore. Xbox 360 seems like the way to go with their huge successful catalog of games.

Not a chance.

After borrowing my friends for a week, I can honestly say, that’s $250 well saved.

I get the Wii a month ago, for my son, for 199€, here in Italy! :wink:
For boys it’s a good console, it’s dynamic and you may hack yourself with nothing…and boys gets movements!

In keeping with the “Microsoft must offer other browsers with their OS” sentiments, I think that Nintendo should be forced to offer support for both the XBox 360 and PS3 movement detection devices in their Wii consoles. Why should consumers be forced to use just one movement detection technology?