Is it time for a new burner?

Does this quality scan signify that I should be looking for a new burner? I’ve had it for several years now.

If so, thinking about the Sony Optiarc AD-7220A

After more reading, I think I’ll go with a AD-7200A.

I’d still like someone to respond to my DiscSpeed results though.


since these older Nec drives are not very reliable as scanners, I would not justify the purchase of a new drive with such a scan :smiley:


Better said; Sofar NO NEC burner is a decent scanner. Period.
Okay, members wit only a NEC drive can still post but that would be regarded as a beta scan (in my view anyway).

Anybody else with a Lite-On or BenQ (Nexperia) are wellcome posting.
Note, my intention is not to discriminate NEC members. (Doooh, well we are not in NEC cd/dvd forum section. Thanks. :wink:

Thank you for the feedback. I’m not having problems with the burner nor has anyone complained about the discs I make. I guess I was just after a sanity check.

While spending ~$40 won’t break the bank, if it’s not needed, I’ll stick with the ND-3520AW a little while longer.


Then again, maybe I should just go ahead and invest in a scanner since I have an open slot (the original cd/dvd drive that came with the PC which I don’t use).

So many choices, what scanner would you recommend that would also be a decent burner? My preferred sites to buy from would be NewEgg then eBay.

If you want an “accepted” scanning drive (DVD only), then get a Liteon.

Optiarc 7200 can scan CD and DVD (much more reliable than its predecessors), but don’t offer as much options as Liteon DVD scanners do.


Will a iHDP118-08 suffice?

or spend $6 more and get a iHAP322-08?

The extra $6 spent for the iHAP322 will be a better move since the drive is also a decent DVD (but not CD) writer. :slight_smile:

The 322 will still give me good scans to test burn quality, correct?

Last question, I promise.

What if I spent $7 more and got a 422-08 that has LightScribe instead of the $6 more for the 322? I doubt I’ll ever use the Lightscribe feature as I print on TY Watershields but having it available if needed is a plus, no?

Remember, my primary purpose for all this is the scanning capability to test the quality of my burns with the NEC ND-3520A. But if the scanner can also be a good burner, all the better.

:flower: Just in case I would purchase the Optiarc, iHAS and the lightscribe. You can never have too many drives.:smiley:

Maybe so, but I only have room for one and only want one. So which IDE Lite-On? 118, 322 or 422 as a scanner?