Is it time for a new burner?

Hi everyone, I just burnt 4 coasters trying to make a music Cd. Had this drive for 2 yrs- never a problem. Using Nero Drive in question is a Lite-on 48x CD burner.Tried both Maxell & TDK media. Re-installed Nero. Shut down everything else that was running in the background (not that this ever mattered in the past). The drive just stops writing at 17-28% complete. I have to manually eject the cd- checked “my computer” the drive shows that there is an audio CD in the drive; drive doesn’t respond until I restart the PC. The drive recognizes and plays CDs after the restart but still won’t burn a disk. If it matters WinXP pro SP2, P4 2.4b, 1gig ddr 333, Ati 9700 pro. Thanks

Sorry, didn’t see that “threads 'bout burners don’t belong here etc…” at the top. Could a mod move this to the Lite-on section