Is it time for 812S to become 832S?

I have SOHW-812S and I know it can be flashed to 832S version which can burn dual-layer DVD-Rs/RWs.

A few months ago I was told to stick with 812S because it had a newer firmware and dual media was not popular.

Now, 832S went through quite a few firmware updates already, and dual media is becoming more popular.

So, is it time to flash my 812S to 832S?

Is the latest firmware for 832S cracked for 812S already?

Also, is the SONY firmware latest for my drive? Or is the Lite-On one latest?

I downloaded latest OmniPatched firmware CG3B, used OmniPatched to enable/speed a few things up and flashed. Seems to work.

Yeah, just stick with CG3B, I’d say.