Is it the scratches or my burner?

The problem:

DVD 1 has lots of tiny scratches/scuffs all over it. Its plays fine. I copy it onto DVD 2, DVD 2 does not play fine. In one spot it has glitches/popping noises that DVD 1 did not have.

It burned great. No errors it says. My burner seems fine. My question, stupid though it may be - how can DVD 1 play fine and then the copy not? Did all the scratches just interfere when copying but not playing? Is that … possible? :o

Do DVD players read discs differently than burners, if so is that why the scratches aren’t a problem when playing but sometimes are when burning?

DVD 1 was on a Sony DVD-R X16 then I burned it onto a Verbatim DVD-R X16 disc.
Burner - TS-H652L

Using what program to burn?

Sonic Digital Media Plus v7.

And burn speed would be good to know :slight_smile:

Opps, sorry forgot! When I burn DVDs it usually stays between 12x and 16x. It read it, wrote it, and verified it.


Would suggest trying to burn at 8x - if you can select a burn speed - might improve the burn-eh!


So I tried burning some different discs and they all came out a little glitchy. So I thought just to be sure I played them in a different player and BOOM they were glitch free.

So then its not my burner right? I mean if the disc plays fine in another player its not the disc itself but the DVD player?

… My friend, Miky is always right. :wink:

Yes, it might be the player OR the medium you use, try another one. :iagree: