Is it the real Taiyo Yuden DVD-R X8?


Today i recieved my cake box(i think its called like that) with 100 DVDs in it.

Now im trying to figure out of if its the real deal.

The code present on the DVD: GH000149

Other thing i noticed is that there is a code on the RING(where u put ur finger in it) which reads as: THG41A308141GH

the place i bought it from is:

Can anyone tell me if its real, or how to can figure out myself?

They are real with the GH hubcode :slight_smile:

I got exactly the same ones, also from CDRwinkel and they are the real deal.

Also check

That is a TY code, so it looks like they are the real thing.
What is the MID? I think GHxxxxxx is 16x -R TYG03 and
not 8x -R TYG02.

According to the product page, the codes can be TYG02 or TYG03. Sounds like value-line TY where the MID is not guaranteed.

Hi everyone, i’m new to cdfreaks, :bigsmile:

i’ve been searching for a while on the forums, but i haven’t found a complete answer: :doh:

there’s this [B]verbatim 50dvd-r case[/B], I put one in the recorder to burn with Nero 7.8. The drive is [I]LITE-ON 1653S (CS0Tstock)[/I]. But the process aborts during lead-in saying “Illegal disc”…
Previous medias I used were all manufactured by mitsubishi and never caused this.

Dvd Identifier recognises them as TY with id [B]TYG03[/B]. They have all the three codes: GH000157 and the four-number code on the inner ring, and the long serial no. on the transparent hub!

Is it possible they’re not genuine? I read throughout the forums that The presence of the code should be sufficient… Or is the liteon unable of managing this brand?? :confused:

Last thing, it was more confusing that permitted speed on nero (and alcohol, too) are 4 - 6 - 8x while on the disc is clearly written “16x”

(see attachment)

hope to find out sth,
please give the link to the appropriate discussion if the question has already been answered

What most bothering me is, if u look at the photo u see that white label on top of the cake box? well i didnt get that.

Also i cant see on the cake box nor on the carton box where its made.

and what does MID mean?

Media IDentifier