Is it The media?



Hi all,
I am new to this dvd burning and having some probs. I have just bought my first dvd burner a liteon 812s after reading your review guides. I am pleased with it for speed and cd burning but have fallen over on the dvd backup tasks. The dvd’s i have backed up so far (all 3 of them) have played nice on my pute but not on my dvdplayer so well. On the dvd player they freeze and just stop and then hang. My question to you the experienced people is do u think its a media thing? or an authoring and burning prob? Here r the details of my gear below, thx in advance for any help or ideas.

liteon 812s (with the latest firmware)
media : memorex 4x M4D and liton supplied disk + and a liteon supplied -
authoring progs: dvd shrink 3.1
dvd player philips 634 ( which is supposed to play both - & + and i have read posts that say it does)

Any other info needed plz reply thx.


It could very well be the media,try runing k-probe and see how the burn looked,also i use srink 3.15 but it goes to 3.17 so try upgrading,3.15 works great for me(i do not have an 812 thro)also have you tryed other burned disk (from a diff burnner)and see if it is your player


thx matey ill give it a go :slight_smile: