Is it the dvd or the dvd drive



I am trying to rip a dvd with DVD Decrypter. I get i/o error
SCSI Status 0x02 which means check condition. Condition of what? The DED or the drive?


Two things I can think of for you to check, others may have further suggestions:

Check the DVD you’re trying to rip to see if it has any dirt or scratches.

It maybe that DVDDecrypter can’t handle the copy protection by itself, since it is a bit long in the tooth to be used alone on pressed movie discs these days. You’ll need something like AnyDVD to run alongside Decrypter in the background (to remove any copy protection), or a different program like DVDFab.

EDIT: I’ve also had the same error myself during the burning process, after I’ve ripped a disc; often it’s been down to bad quality media, too fast a burn speed, or once again a dirty blank disc.


Thanks. Think I posted this in the wrong forum?It is not a Plextor Writer. Anway I have ripped with DVD decrypter on another PC and burned with BurnAware. It is a movie disk.

My dvd on first computer,has been giving a lot of trouble lately. Won’t read some disks but when i saw the error I thought it may be a problem with the dvd and may harm my new PC but I took a chance and it did OK.

I cleaned the dvd drive and checked there are no new drivers needed but still it will not read some disks. For example it will say there is zero free space and zero space used


If you let us know the make of the drive you’re having problems with, I’m sure one of us can move the thread to the appropriate forum for you. :slight_smile:

So…it looks like general disc reading problem, rather than a copy protection issue.

How old is the drive on the first computer? Has it had a lot of use? Also, does the drive show the same occasional reading issues with CDs (either burned or pressed)?

If it’s only reading stuff intermittently, it could be showing its age if it’s old.


I have the computer since December 2007
yes the dvd gives trouble on/ off lately, problems reading


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A Matshita that’s about two and a bit years old…Matishita don’t make the best drives anyway, so IMO chances are you were right first time in suspecting the drive.

Good thing you have a more capable drive in your new PC, I think. :wink:


Some drives just read better than other drives.That may be why the newer computer drive rips & the other older drive doesn’t.
The first thing I would do is see if DVDFab will rip this movie disc on the Matshita drive.
If DVDFab rips with no problem then I would say copy protection that DVDDecrypter can’t remove is the problem.
If DVDFab also fails to do the rip & its log should give a similar error.Then I would blame the drive.
I have an older computer with a Matshita Hammer SW-9585 .This has been a rock solid drive. Just last week when the Lite-On in my newer computer failed to read a disc the Matshita did. My only complaint with it so far is it can’t be bookset to DVD-ROM. I now use it for difficult reads & burn with the Lite-On.


[QUOTE=cholla;2517105]If DVDFab rips with no problem then I would say copy protection that DVDDecrypter can’t remove is the problem.
.[/QUOTE]It was dvd decrypter i used on the other computer to rip


[QUOTE=Arachne;2517097]Thread moved to the main CD and DVD Writers forum. ;)[/QUOTE]thanks:)