Is it the drive, the disc or the player



My friend just bought a shm-165h6sx burner and I have been trying to help him burn properly.

We have used Fuji+RW 4x discs and Taiyo Yuden +R 16x discs. He has 3 different brands of dvd player. The problem is that we don’t get consistent results. some times the discs won’t play at all, other times they play with some stuttering and once they played perfectly. We burnt the +R discs at 16x and 8x. We use Nero OEM to burn.

To make it more confusing, I brought a dvd I burnt on my system, copied it to his computer, burnt a new copy with TY disc at 8x and it worked fine.

Since we used several dvd players and TY discs are generally excellent, I suspect the burner, but how can I diagnose a burner probem?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


To exclude some software problem, you can do a test installing that drive on a different computer. If you get bad results also in a different machine, then the drive could be faulty.

To have more consistent results, I suggest also to make a scan of your burned discs. Most of times playback problems are due to a bad burn. Also a TY disc can be burned badly, so try to do some scans and do comparisons between scans of discs that plays good and discs with playback problems.

It is also possible that you got some fake TY discs.