Is it the BenQ Dw1650? SCSI Error gotten?

It was suggested that I ask this question in a new thread.
The drive was purchased from Frys and is a Dw1650 as the topic says. This is a pasted of already asked and answered questions. Once I know where the errors come from I can either return or fix my computer Thanks in advance!!!

Is your drive connected to the ide controller on your motherboard or are you using a pci controller card?

It’s connected to the MB, its a Tyan K8We Server MB I run dual opti 250s. The ONLY slightly unusal thing is that besides the 2 IDE channels there is an AMDeide 8111 controller the other dvd/cd rom drives work fine. I have the Benq alone and as a Master drive Windows says everything is fine. When I use Nero speed cd/dvd it finds the drive JUST peachy actually.

What brand of dvd media are you using? I have been using Verbatim x16 -R Mid is MCC 03RG20

I will have to ponder, I am fairly computer literate and have checked ALL the simply stuff out. I am TOTALLY mystified how it can start out burning nice and give me a failed burn with a SCSI error of all things…

Try creating a iso file then use ImgBurn to burn. Benq drives prefer dvd+r media, the discs you’re using are dvd-r. What firmware is on the 1650? Did you try reflashing the drive using WinDWFlash? Try using verbatim dvd+r media and burn with ImgBurn.

I kinda gave up on the drive after so many coasters I returnedto Fry’s for a full refund, they even paid the return shipping I was amazed… I ENDED up getting a BenQ DW1655 from, I got the drive the other day. It had the GCAB f/w which was horrible and caused my computer to lock up etc. I was SUCCESSFULLY able to crossflash (Thank you BQ flasher!!) it from an OEM to a “real” BenQ Dw1655, I used TDB BCIB f/w. After this I prompty burned a disc and I was like WOW it WORKS! The second disc however gave me the same issues scsi error unable to write etc. I also picked up a VERY inexpensive ( and I mean cheap from a retail store!) Sony AW-Q170A at the local Microcenter it seems to have no issues at all.

I am so confused I have build tons of computers and used countless burners. Could it be that the this particular BenQ just does not really like the AMDeide driver? I was thinking of putting it in an external enclosure and see what happens out of curiosity. Any thoughts suggests? I REALLY want this drive to work and since BenQ is now gone forever I would like this drive to work to the best of its abilities! Thanks in advance!


Maybe incompatibility issue with IDE controller (My 1620 works fine on Nforce4/Intel BX chipset mainboards), are you using ASPI layer or SPTI? BenQs should work fine with most external enclosure chipsets AFAIK.

One other thing. After it burns a coaster the drive totally locks up. I NOW have to reboot for the umpteenth time. This is getting really annoying. I am not sure which wether aspi or spti my guess is SPTI even though I DO have all aspi layers installed and Nero’s aspi layer. I also switched to Fuji media ( prodisc ) and Sony ( D21) 16x +R media which has really good scans in nero speed cd/dvd on the Sony. I am going to try swtching ide channels out of PURE curiosity. I have NEVER ever had a one channel work and one channel not but in this day and age one NEVER knows. I will repost back with any new information. With all the talent here I am sure somebody can figure it out. :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

Out of curiosity, is it a Tiger or Thunder mobo? :slight_smile:

Consider buying a new flat ribbon 80 wire ide cable and see the scsi errors continue.

Here ya go:
It’s a thunder board it has given me ZERO grief for the last 2.5 years. Tyan makes AWESOME serverboards.

Well I switched the ide from primary to secondary and guess what? The same error and the Sony works perfectly on the primary IDE channel. So I KNOW it’s NOT the MB or any obvious issue. The DW1655 Reads dvds and scans the dvds made by the Sony ( which are not to bad btw ). The ONLY thing that causes me an issue is when it goes to burn a DVD, everything else seems to work fine! That is what is SOOOOOO fustrating, I am not an amature at this and to be having this kind of a problem really gets to me. Oh and I switched IDE cable too, I use a high quality rounded 80 pin cables and as I said before the new Sony works with either channel.
Your input as always is welcomed with open an open mind.

Also IF I need to put in an external enclosure which one works best? I mean I went through that BIG external thread and am kind of confused. Some say you have to use firewire to get it to work with the oxford chipset. Other say the other chips sets work fine. I only wish to burn at 12x max with quality. I could use a really definitive answer on that one. Thanks again for the help!

Prolific PL-3507* chipset enclosures work well with BenQ drives. 12x is no problem with these. Also, excellent for HDD usage as no delayed write issues with latest firmwares via firewire.

Hello again People :slight_smile: ,

I found out something interesting. It turns out that AMD had released a new driver pack for the AMD 8000 series chipset. The reason that I NEVER EVER thought to look there is that NO OTHER drive that I have or EVER have had has NOT worked with that original driver packet driver that came with that MB. I wonder what it is about the Benq that makes it NEED it. I mean the BRANDIE new cheap Sony I mentioned earlier in this thread an (opteriac made one btw).

The drive now works about 97% properly and I bet even the DW1650 would now too. It does have minor works as not always releasing and an occational playback glitche. I will post a scan of my Sony D-21 burn in the proper thread. It seems Fuji scans better and I have yet to try the Maxell’s I got DIRT cheap ( 50@12.99 USD). It will be TYs for me the next time I need media they are not that much more but totally worth it!

Oh and [B]special thanks to Pinto[/B] for asking my about my MB, that was what made me go back to the the Tyan Homepage AND check out the AMD link from that page to driver page on AMD’s website.
I want to thank everyone again and if there are any MORE suggestions to get rid of the 3% of the quirks that works for me too.

Thanks TLO for the condensed SUPER easy answer to the enclosure question! After going through that rather LARGE thread I was REALLY confused I thought that the Oxford 911 was the way to go! See what I KNOW after reading?
Thanks again!