Is it that hard to change the drive for 5006

I’m having all sorts of problems with my 5006 (about a year old). It can’t playback most of DVDs, can’t finalize some, lots of disc failure… etc.
I never had major problems with it and was very happy with the performance till now.
Doing an RMA will cost shipping, etc. Is it better to replace the drive? Or replace the whole unit?
Some people on the board said that they replaced the drive and very happy with the unit now.
How hard it is to replace? Any manuals out there on how to replace?


Not very hard no special tools or skills needed. No manuals but check my posts for instructions

Thanks. Will I be able to do the hack for region free, no macro, etc…?

one more this. Will it be eaiser to just hook up an external drive?
Can it be really done? But it dose not look like they have any external IDE drives…
Let me know if you have tried it.
Thanks again

no external IDE drives, but u can try a 1693s in top of your present drive for a trial. My replacement drive unit is 0098 region, MV free 3hr mode with the 1693s booktype set to DVD-ROM no problem