Is it that bad to connect IDE device while PC is on?

Hi, do you think that it is bad idea to connect IDE device (NOT SATA) while PC is on ? It is more convenient than turning PC off. What do you think? Have you ever tried?

It definitely is! If you like your mobo, don’t do it…

If you have the money to replace stuff…feel free to try.

I didn’t dare yet :slight_smile: But I’m curious about what is happening when you do that. Actually I wanted to try it with my old mobo and drive while PC is suspended - is it any safer ?

It’ll work at first and then hit you hard in the face when you least expect it :bigsmile:

I don’t think you should hot swap like USB/Firewire :wink: Like i say if you have the $…

Try adding a glass of water… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

LOL! I wouldn’t try it either. I love my mobo and drives too much :wink:

Mind you, my neighbour does it all the time - how his stuff is still working fine I’ll never know. Having said that, he does go through a suspiciously high number of drives…:bigsmile:

It is RISKY!

The only good reason to hot-plug an ide drive, is to attempt forced reflashing of a drive that is already badflashed and causing a boot hang - even then, with the price of current drives against the other components that could be damaged (motherboard, CPU etc), it may be better to call it quits.

If you hear fzzzt or your PC fails to work after you reboot, you’ll know exactly what’s happening :bigsmile: