Is it still worth getting a CDRW Drive?


Please help… newbie here…

Looking to replace my 24x TDK CDRW drive for a new faster drive which is quicker for cd music copying.

I am happy to by a CDRW again or go for a DVD combi CDRW drive.

Is there any advantage of buying a CDRW drive over a DVD RW drive. Are they faster / better quality for CD music ect

It appears the best CDRW drive is the Plextor Premium drive but at £55 it is expensive.



Go for a dvd drive and cover all options…
They will mostly cost you £30-£40 uk pounds approx…

I have 7 DVD burners and they all do a decent job of burning CDs but my Plextor Premium does a better job of DAE and burns with fewer errors. It also limits the burn speed to match the quality of the media. It is hard to justify the price difference; if you are just doing normal non-critical burning a good DVD burner will do just fine. If you must have the best then you have to go for the Premium. BTW, I wouldn’t wait too long. I have heard it is discontinued.