Is it safe?

Hello Everyone.

As most of you know DVD Decrypter was shut down not long ago. I downloaded AnyDVD and it works great for me. I also downloaded and use CloneDVD. I was wondering, is it safe to purchase these programs?

What I mean by that is. If you purchase these 2 programs, you have to provide your name, address and all the other stuff. If any company goes after them like they done with DVD Decrypter, will they be required to hand over everyones name that purchased any one of these programs.

It makes me a little nervous to purchase them after the trial runs out. Now, I’m not saying that Myself or anyone else in the forums are/ will be using these programs for Illegal copying. How or what you do with the program is your choice. But that don’t matter to the money hungry powers that be. if you have the program your guilty in there eyes.

I just want to know if it’s safe to purchase.


It’s safe, AnyDVD is located in Antiqua, I believe. It is legal there.

Would like to add to ricoman

CloneDVD is not breaking any laws, so you don’t have to worry about some government coming after you…

You, as the purchaser, are safe in most countries, regardless. :slight_smile:

But SlySoft is in Antigua, which has no copyright laws. You’re perfectly safe.

Thats great im so sick of the mob in washington they take everyone’s rights away. :slight_smile:

It’s not that Antigua has no copyright laws; it’s simply that the copyright laws of that country don’t prohibit tools to strip or bypass digital encryption of dvds. :wink: :slight_smile:

It just hit me, this may be the exact reason that Slysoft doesn’t want to give you a replacement registration key (if you lose yours).

Humm, a DVD player, isn’t that what it does ?
Bypass all the protection so you can watch it on your TV ?

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My apologies if I’m just misreading your post. Do you know what AnyDVD does?

To watch on your PC, yes AnyDVD just bypasses the protection. But AnyDVD removes the protection when you burn to DVD, to watch on your TV. Certain countries it is against the law to sell products that do this.

It is not a dvd player.

Yes, but a DVD player must decrypt the DVD so you can watch it… If you watch a DVD with AnyDVD on, AnyDVD does the decryption which would otherwise be done by PowerDVD & Co.
The question remains: Why is AnyDVD illegal in some countriers, but PowerDVD isn’t?

Because it is actually your DVD drive that does the unencrypting - which is why you can not copy a DVD to your hard drive and then play it. You need AnyDVD (or similar) to remove the protection on the disk.

Your software player will also check for region coding - again AnyDVD removes this and allows you to play discs from a different region.

Actually look here at section 4.1 to see what is happening on you PC hardware and software.

When I bought a new computer I contacted Slysoft and they sent me a new key without argument or comment. They’ve been pretty good about things.

Because PowerDVD is properly licensed to decrypt DVD’s for viewing.

When I bought a new computer I contacted Slysoft and they sent me a new key without argument or comment. They’ve been pretty good about things.
They probably changed thier [unofficial] stance since there seems to have been a rash of people misplacing/losing their keys, or only saving the email link and not the actual key.