Is it safe to store DVD this way

I normally store all my DVD’s in a Seal-King polythene sticker-cover and keep it in a 100 DVD - pouch
The disc has no access to dirt, as its completely covered with the seal-king cover.
Is it safe to store this way, or is there any other better way (apart from the jewel boxes)

Jewel cases are the best way to store discs, even if it can be cumbersome.

Plastic sleeves can scratch discs every time you extract the disc. Pouches can warp discs, and I strongly suggest you to avoid these: a warped disc can be totally unreadable.

The main danger for a disc is not dust: it can be easily removed with a can of compressed air. Scratches and warping are the main factors that ruin a disc (besides the low manufacturing quality of course: a low quality disc can become unreadable very fast even if properly stored).

That’s why I store mine in Dvd cases on end. They come out to be played & then right back in to the case.

I have some of those dj style case’s to store my discs in, the folders will get replace by dj ones asap. They seem to be fine for discs, not every thing goes in there some stuff i keep in cd jewel case. I stretch the sleeves abit though so they aint tight i do this by putting 2 old manked up discs in ether side of the sleeve and leave over night.

Sometimes dvd case’s and cd jewel case’s just aint practical because of space limitations. All original cd/dvd’s stay in there original case’s though for me.

Are you referring to regular plastic sleeves or the soft lined ones in wallets/folders?

I’m referring to both, because to extract a disc from a sleeve it is necessary to drag the disc, and dragging the disc cause scratching. Even if scratches are not visible, the movement damages anyway the disc.

Sleeves can be an usable method if you don’t need to extract frequently discs, for long term storing. In this case, however, sleeves should be stored in purposely made boxes like these (this is only an example of course :slight_smile: ).

So would double jewel/DVD cases be preferable for those with huge collections? I can’t see a way round not using folders even though I only put half the number of discs per sleeve and have two DJ cases to fill.

I’m beginning to become concerned about my folders now although I don’t take CDs in and out that often and always ultra carefully.

As I said, the main issue with folders is that can warp discs :frowning:

They shouldn’t warp in principle unless stored incorrectly. Probably better vertically than horziontally (and certainly not at an angle) on shelving and it may well depend on the quality of case. Vertical storage should help with weight distribution and avoid disc pressure.

Do you have any experience (or links) of warping?

The warping is more evident when the folder is full. If you put only few discs in it, this issue is not evident, but filling it completely you can easily see this phenomenon.

I had a personal experience with this some years ago, when I used to store my CDs on these folders. I lost a lot of discs (all burned backups of my CDs, so I hadn’t any data loss, but I was forced to burn again my CDs).

So if you space them out with, for example, inlay inserts or printed cards then the potential for warping is reduced?

I’ve currently got original discs in folders, plus xbox backups in a small 48 disc one.

The more a folder is filled, the higher is the probability to warp discs.

Actually, this issue is also related with the type of folder. This type (see the picture) has a higher probability to warp discs; this other has a lower probability because pages has a better “mobility” in the folder, and this slightly reduces the warping effect, but putting a lot of these on a single folder can still cause problems.

So if you want to save space using folders, I suggest to not fill them completely :slight_smile:

The first example is similar to how my xbox backups are stored…indeed I need to split them to another case.

The second, is not something I’ve seen before. Interesting, is that something designed to go into a standard binder or something else.

One thing I’ve found it’s tricky (at least in the UK) to find the DJ sleeves available separately to the cases. Out of the two cases I’ve got, one has poorer quality plastic making the discs harder to retrieve. I’d quite like to replace them with something a bit better.

Take a look here :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, they seem to have some good stuff on there, I’ll have to have a proper browse. Delivery charge seems pretty damn good considering it would be an overseas ship.

Are they reliable?

I never tried these. I prefer to use Jewel cases :slight_smile:

No, you misunderstood…I meant the store not the item. :slight_smile:


I already did some purchases from nierle: it is a reliable store :slight_smile: