Is it safe to region free after upgrading to 832S from 812S?

I bought Liteon SOHW812S and upgraded the firmware to 832S VS04. So far I havent noticed any difference and problem at all.
Now I want to make region free, but am afraid to hear that someone reports some strange results after doing region free. I am intending to use K-probe2 to region free. Is is safe method do do so? Is there any possible adverse problem in doing so? Please enlighten me I am a newbie.

Using either KProbe2 or LtnRPC is perfectly safe with no adverse side effects.

and what about this thread:

is it the LtnRPC program that is not so good, or all RPC programs, as they modify eeprom, and might mess with it.

why do people want always RPC free or change region a lot… are there all those dvd’s that come from different places/regions? in europe all dvd’s are region 2, and once set, no need to change…

What ala42 is referring to is the RPCDE/DE2 program and the liteonutil program. These 3 RPC programs are well-known to cause problems, which is why they are rarely talked about and are not linked from the tools sticky. LtnRPC, however, is perfectly safe.

There are many people, esp. those outside of region 1, who get movies from other regions.

oh, thanks.