Is it safe to put labels on DVDs?

I am a newbie using AnyDVD and DVDclone2. I find that if I stick CD labels on my completed DVDs the movie starts OK, but soon ‘stutters’ and pixilates, then stops altogether. Anyone else had this problem? Is it the labels, or the media?

Thanks mate! Message received!

Another more likely cause to your problem of stuttering is bad media. What brand are you using?

Generic ones - Staples. They assured me they were top quality

Anyone selling you something is going to tell you their product is top quality!! :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to use good brands such as Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, Ritek, Maxell. Do a search on the forum if you need more info on good media.

Exactly … I challenge you to find a brand of DVDR or CDR that does not claim on the packaging that it’s “top quality.”

Though the Staples brand is clearly a rebrand of something else. There is no “Staples DVDR Factory.” For all we know these could be rebranded TY discs. (Personally I always avoided the Staples brand because I didn’t know what they were, and there is no “Made in (Country)” mark on the packaging.)

Even with the best media, do not label them if you want to avoid trouble.

why not buy a epson r200 from or any where its under $90.00
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i just got one its prints right on the printable cd & dvds its great

I’ve had all kinds of trouble with labels. Learned to just print nicely and forget the labels.

Print nicely, will I find all the good quality DVD brands with a printable surface?