Is it safe to install Athlon XPs?

Is it safe to install Palomino XPs because some people broke their proccessors when installing the CPU fan.

It seems that they pressed their CPU fans so hard and break the processors underneath.

Is it really risky that I have to tell the computer shops to install it for me?

I want to install it myself because I want to sand paper and polish my CPU heatsink for lower tempreature.

Installing a socket-A Athlon aint’a a problem, but you have to know what you are doing. Pressure on the core doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as long as you press the heatsink straight upon the core. If your heatsink balances on the core, the core can get damaged. And believe me, damaging a core is really easy… I’ve seen a lot of ppl doing that…

So either be careful or let it be done in a shop.

I asked myself the same question as you did liteonmania and decided to let the shop mount the cooler for me. I haven’t bought a new computer yet but I’m planning to do this pretty soon. When you let the shop install the cooler for you, you will have some warranty on it. When you install the cooler yourself and your CPU fries then you won’t get a new CPU easily…

Just my two cents :wink:

You could do what a friend of mine did: he asked his computer shop for a death Athlon to practice on. Once he figured it out, he mounted the good Athlon without any problem :wink:

If you want to hedge your bets a little, make sure you pick up a CPU shim along with your processor. It will help prevent you from inadvertently cracking the core (a common problem when installing HSF’s on Athlons). Shims can generally be had for a couple $/Euros/whatever currency you use. :slight_smile:

I would say that it is safe if you read and understand the instructions and are careful with the installation.

Pressing the heatsink fan directly should never be done and may damage the CPU die. Pressure is applied to one side of the heatsink clip to mount the clip in its retainer. As long as the heatsink is mounted in the correct orientation and is kept absolutely flat on the processor there should be no problem.

If a person is careless or impatient and rocks the heatsink thinking this will make installation easier, this is the way that the CPU is damaged. The heatsink should be flat on the CPU and not moved during the installation.

See the instructions at Socket A AMD Processor Installation Guide

If you want a heatsink that is easy to mount, I suggest a Coolermaster with Heatpipe. There are 2 versions out there: a silent and a noisy version. Ofcourse noisy cooles better :slight_smile:

Just make sure the cooler is round the right way, Stick one side on the catch, then use a flathead screwdriver to clip the other side in. Very simple!

Are we women with cars, Or are we Guys with computers?

And just think, the new Athlon fans will have a larger clip so you never have to worry about the silly clips, and the pressure on the cpu again.

AMD are gonna use fan clips just like the P4 fans.
About bloody time!

The practice idea is a very good one.

But really, if you’ve installed a video card, ram, etc. you know pretty much how computer parts go together, and what you can and can’t do to them. Read all the instructions, and then follow them exactly, and you’ll have it installed without damaging your athlon :slight_smile:

Just be careful to use the proper flathead screwdriver on the retainer clip (if it’s too big it may slip and scratch your mobo if you’re not careful). Don’t forget the thermal compound either, just don’t put too much.

Or you could go for one of those coolers that are fixed by screws instead of clips, if your mobo supports them. (Not all have the holes.)

In any case, avoid the orb-type coolers, those are the easiest to damage.
I personally like the AVC Tundra 2 and Abs.Zero coolers, they’re quite nice and are LIGHT and silent :slight_smile:

(And these come with thermal paste preapplied instead of thermal pad/silicon mat/whatever, so if you’re gonna clean it to be able to polish the heatsink, your work will be easier…)

(Edit: Also, you should be able to do whatever you want with your heatsink at home then take it to the shop where you’re gonna buy most of your parts for them to put it…)

At first, I was a little scared installing an Athlon Processor. After reading bunch of hardware sites on how to mount it correctly, I finally had the courage to install it myself. :slight_smile:

Based on your comments, I presumed it is safe to install the processor. I just have to follow the intructions carefully. Previously, I have successfully install my new graphic cards, RAMs, fans and Intel processors. I was a little bit scared because AMD processors can crack easily if not istallled properly.