Is it safe to burn with 2 diffrent drives at the same time

Hi >> I currently own the NEC 3500A + the pioneer 108.

would it be safe to burn 2 DVD-r disks at the same time using nero ??

woudl I need to buy more ram to be able to “safely” do this, I currently have 1gig of ram at the min

any advice you can give me is most apreciated !!

Hm… if you have the 2 drives on different IDE channels it should go I think… Didn’t tried it out yet. 1 GB of RAM should bo more than enought =)

perhaps at 8X on both drives, i’d doubt you would manage two 16X burns at the same time.

Dee-27: did you try it ? =)

Sometimes when I want two copies I burn two at once. Works fine for me but I do always select opticals on different IDE channels. And I keep other activities to a minimum, like if I’m going to surf I bring up the browser first, if I going to listen to music I start the player first, and if encoding I set the priority to the lowest level.

With the price of disks now days it wouldn’t cost much to find out if it works for you.

You also have to remember what hard drives are pulling the info off of at what time. At 16x you are looking at a consistent read of over 40MB’s/sec if you are using the same hard drive to burn both discs from.
Just a thought. Now if you have them on a raid set-up with a few Raptors it prolly wouldn’t matter and i have done it with files coming off of 2 different hard drives to 2 different burners each on their own IDE channel.

Tom :slight_smile:

the 2 drives would be on the same IDE cables, maybe if I burn at 4x speed and dont use my PC att all when I am burning.

is nero still the number 1 burning software these days >??

If you do this isn’t it smarter to just burn them at 16x one at a time.
I think you’ll be ready earlier then burning them at 4x at the same time.

burning at 16 speed is not the safest way to burn thou, burning at these high speeds causes freezes in playback on dvd players etc.

safer to write 2 DVD-r disks at a time at 4x speed.

I tried burning two discs at the same time 8x before. Basically the buffer would drop down to 0% on one burner and it would have to wait until the buffer dropped down on the other drive before it could keep going. Burning two discs at 4x worked fine though (I could even use my PC while they were going!).

I have tried just doing kprobe scans on 2 different drives on a usb box and that wouldnt work :frowning: Alot has to do with the cpu utilization, now maybe if you had 2 scsi dvd burners (hehe) on a scsi card with its own processors you could at 16x :slight_smile:

Once there was a time that scsi was the only way to go for cd burning

With 2 burners on one IDE channel, you will ONLY be able to burn the same thing simultaneously to them. (multiple burner burn). In order to burn different things to each burner they must be on separate channels.

I do multiple burns all the time. Using one HD you will likely see a speed limit of 4x for the burns in order to avoid buffer drops. Using my Raptor RAID, I can manage 2 8x burns from the array at once. I’ve never tried 2 16x burns, but maybe I will just for fun. Of course, you will need at least 160MB of free RAM for 2 burns if your read buffers are set to 80 in Nero.


My burners were actually on separate IDE channels, with the HDDs on a PCI add in card. I would have thought that would have let me burn 2 discs at 8x simultaneously without any underruns, but alas…

I also have 2 Seagate 160 SATA drives which will only burn 4x to 2 burners at the same time. Even if I stagger the burns so that one is at 4x while the other is at 8x, the HD is too slow. It has as much to do with access times as with transfer rates, the HD head can only be in one place at a time. :sad:

This is where HD’s like the Raptors really shine. Access times are awesome. They will burn 2 at 8x all day long and still multitask. :eek:


2DEGrees, you are forgetting the band that a PCI connection can give you and the fact that both your hdd are gone a share it…

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