Is it Risky to fill a DVD-R disc too much?

Hello, I have burned my fisrt disc with the Pioneer 107D.
I filled it with 4426MB.
The disc was a Ridisc, and the total original capacity was slightly higher…if my memory serves, it was 4480MB or so.

Well, Nero recorded the disc at 4X, but on verifying, it found an error on a tiny .txt file. I opened the file and indeed, there was some text missing.
When DVDInfoPro scans the disc for errors, it founds none.

The Quality Test (CDSpeed) gives me decent results.

I repeated the same recording with my also brand new NEC 2510, and Nero verified ok, but Quality Test is much worse this time.

Pio 107DB has original firmware: 1.05
NEC 2510 also has original fw: 2.15
Nero is

ok, according to thegdog, this is a classical problem:

When I had my old Pioneer DVR-104 drive, there was an issue with it and Nero and Ritek media. Data written along the outer edge of the disc sometimes had problems. Was a fairly common occurrence for people.

The solution was to use a different software program (like RecordNow Max) or don’t fill the disc all the way to the outer edge.

I don’t know if that still happens or not with newer Ritek media, newer Pioneer drives, or newer versions of Nero. Was just one of those weird things that I remember from the “early days” of DVD recording.