Is it really true that 1click can rip a 1.5hr dvd in 12 mins?



1click boasts it can rip a 1.5 hour dvd in 12 mins on their website. is this true? and if so, is that the fastest or does anyone have any other experience with faster ripping with other software?


its all hardware dependant, my Litey using DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink can rip an entire DVD in much less than that…

DVD Decrypter - avg of ~6min @13.5x
DVDShrink - avg of about 8-10min depepnding on the title

These results via my Lite-on 166s and time counts ripping to HDD only, not an on the fly copy


I use 1Click, my average time to burn a movie is about 21 minutes with 16x media (copy & burn) and about 24 minutes with 8x media. My read time is usually 15 minutes more or less. The video quality of 1Click is superior to DVD shrink. That’s with an average dvd movie.


You are 100% right, my avg time of a movie only copy is 12 mins, and then another 6 mins to burn at 16x. Under 20 mins total for most movies, remember after the movie is compressed they are all 4.3 gig, the burn time only vary by the permformance of your optical drive (16x or 8x or 4x.)


I always do the extras too. Maybe that is why it takes longer.


Is it true that 1click is superior quality to DVD shrink? (Even if you have all the check boxes in DVD shrink selected for optimum quality?)


DvdShrink DVD-5
16x ~ 5min
8x ~ 8min
4x ~ 12-15min
dvdshrink DVD-9 double the times and depend on compression % the more compress the more time it take to rip.


what decrypter software do you use with 1click, guys?


I am considering buying 1click, and like darchon. I would like to know if their decrypter is proprietary software, or a common ripper like DVD43, or dvd decrypter?


I use 1click and use AnyDVD and get good results. I used to use SHRINK but getting better results now plus more friendly to use. I set AnyDVD to start at film and 1click to copy film only…and it doesn’t long at all…Whats all the fuss if it takes a minute or two longer…surely it is the end result that counts…I don’t mind the extra time…at least I can make a cup of coffee while waiting.


I use AnyDVD.