Is it really recommended to slow the down the burning speed in DVDFab

Is it really recommend to put the speed in DVDFab Express Mode to slowest?

Well, when burning video files, two of the most frequent causes of burn errors are poor quality and/or marginally compatible media. Personally, I never burn faster than 4X…it’s just what I do. I’m not in a hurry, so 20 - 35 minutes to rip and burn a movie is just fine with me. I know that others burn faster, and as long as they’re happy with their results…that’s cool.

Are you having problems?

Sorry, meant to add that burning too fast is “one of the frequent” causes for burn errors… :doh:

Maineman on target as usual, also whatever the target HD drive is (whether for temporary, or permanent save) for video files for rip, defrag often. Improves write times even when slowest write speed selected (and recommend), and reduces chance for error due to file fragmentation.

really depends alot on media and the drive capability…example I have the lite-on 1693s and with codeking’s FB patch I can burn on MCC004 at 12x with awesome quality. So best to do a test with nero cd/dvd speed and see how the quality is for you… my 12x is just as good as 8x or 4x with codeking’s awesome firmware.

If wasted media is no problem, then go for the higher speeds but if a problem comes up re burn that movie at a lower speed. Also if small freezes etc do not bother you, sometimes you can use remote to move up a frame. I haveone that does not freeze on my Sylvania but does on my Liteon 5005. The 5005 remote lets me move the frame forward so for me it is not a problem. I tend to be a little lazy at times and just push a button and let it go, so I look out for deals on good media.