Is it really important?

That’s not a question actually about hardware problem or something. It can be new theme for the chat I think. In my experience, I can’t use 40X speed for burning on fly, even with 48X speed reader. Even if hardware settings are fine (all DMAs on, CPU fast enough…), if you try to copy “on fly” (I tried with the Nero) you can notice changing buffer size from 0 to 100% and the burner’s lamp color changing. It means the reader can’t read fast enough to fill a buffer, or extract fast enough or something else…
I tried to create backup of the game disk on the Athlon XP 2100+ comp with Maxtor ATA133, Liteon 163D, Liteon 40125S with Nero (Liteon recognized the media as 32X). All DMA are On. Nero sets correct speed for reader and recoder. May be it’s software problem, because at least after some time (don’t remember exactly) of 74 min reading speed higher then 32X in Nero CD Speed test.
Conclusion: 32X or 40X or 48X, does it really matter? May be just some addition fitures does matter. I remember, somebody wrote, the reader should have at least twice higher speed of the recorder (to avoid underrun). I think it’s true. Of course, now we have burnproofing, but we are talking about speed now.
So, what do you think?:slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter. As you can see on our mainpage there is now a review of a Yamaha writer which is not the fastest (in max writing speed) but when asked yamaha about this they told that they would rather go for quality than speed. And that is a good sign.

In a nutshell you won’t notice a thing if your cd will be ready in 3 minutes or 2:48. I think 48 speed writers will be the last ones (maybe some weird people bring out 50 , 52 or even 72 speed writers but they’ll never hold any ground) , since the cdmedia can hardly copy with the speeds. 40 speed certified media is getting there , but it’s not all that quick.

But then will come the dvd writers , and in a while they too will become about 48 , 52 or even 72 speed (in dvd writing that is !) and the story continues …

That what I mean exactly!
That’s why all talks about some seconds sounds ridiculous for me.
I think that reability and fitures much more important. And to “feed” 40X “hungry” recoder even 52X reader can be not fast enough.

sharing IDE’s can be a problem too, although 40x burning sounds like a novelty to me. i dont burn enough to notice a minute here or there. moving from 4x to 20x is a big enough jump for me :wink: