Is it really a BENQ DW1655?

I just got a I/O Magic, supposedly, BenQ DW1655 from Staples.

For it to be a BenQ the box is supposed to have a red dot with 16x and 8x DL on it, which this one does.

Just to make certain, I had the sales person open the box so we could take a look.

The label says BENQ DW1655 (yay!), made on Nov. 18, 2005 in China.

Further down it says BQR-DW1655(b). I think the “b” means bulk?
and the firmware is GCAB. Again, I think this is the firmware they put on the bulk drives, but am not sure.

The box includes:

  1. screws
  2. a fold-out, installation instruction sheet.
  3. One CD: nero, with nero vision express 2,; Express 6,; Showtime,; and LightScribe v1.4.44.1 (if applicable).

Are these the same items that come in the BENQ boxed drive?
How many CD’s in the Retail BENQ branded version?

Also, on the outside of the I/O Magic Box it lists the CD-RW speed as 24x. I read that if it’s not 32x, it’s not a BENQ. Yet, it has the red dot with 16x,8xDL and says BENQ several times on the drive.

I want of course, a real BENQ. The total cost of this was $53. I have until tonight to return it. I can wait for a sale on either the OEM or the Retail, BENQ boxed drive.

Do you think I really have a BENQ?
What would you do?


You have a rebadged BenQ 1655 with the OEM firmware…GCAB - this is a real BenQ drive but lacks a BenQ warranty. It will void your warranty with IOMagic if you crossflash this drive to retail BenQ firmware. However, the BenQ warranty isn’t really worth all that much. Assuming you can get BenQ to replace your drive, you have to pay shipping costs.

The retail 1655 in the US ships with 1 blank lightscribe CD-R, 1 software disc v. 2.4, 2 screws, instructions and warranty. The firmware for the retail is BCAB.

If the drive burns well, keep it. If you’ve gotten a lemon or a drive with mediocre burns , then I would return it.

Don’t you trust your own eyes?, you are saying that there is “Logo” on top of the drive which says BenQ 165(b) what else you need to prove the drive is BenQ. Just crossflash it with BenQ “BCDB” firmware to be displayed in windows as BenQ 1655 and then enjoy burning after that. I have the same drive from Staples for the last two weeks and I tell you the drive has excellent performance.

I should add, you can get the retail benq 1655 from Zip Zoom Fly for $49.99 shipped:

Hi :slight_smile:
Just checked this link out. Limited to 20 units per customer! Damn I wanted 21. :doh: :bigsmile: :iagree:

Sorry zebadee, zipzoomfly doesn’t ship to England. :disagree: :bigsmile:

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Thanks everyone!

Glad to know that I do have the BENQ.

It’s that 24x CD-RW that’s on the outside of the box which is supposed to be 32x that threw me. yeah, it’s hard to believe my own eyes.

The drive I got has a white bezel.
To match my system I need black.

Looks like the benq at zip-zoomfly is retail and black.
Think I’ll return this one to Staples and go for the black faceplate.

Thanks LOTS (shout to all) for the heads-up & support.

You people are good–glad I found this forum.

You could also email I/OMagic, and ask for a black faceplate for your drive. I did, an received it within 5 days. (CA to NH).