Is it problem with MOBO or Processor



Like a year back , I built my desktop computer at home. My desktop configuration is:

processor: Intel Coer2Duo E6600
Mobo: Intel DG965WH
memory: PNY 5300 (512mbx2)
Optical drive: 2 x DVD writer
Floppy disk: 1
Video card: on Board
Sound card: On Board

All of sudden my computer died and it will not boot. Neither it will produce any display. I have tried various way:

  1. Removed all memeory, and boot, to hear beep sound, but no luck

  2. remove all H/W perpehral DVD drive, floppy, HDD, Memory, but no beeps neither BIOS booting

  3. removed, CMOS battery and kept for 3 hours , while all peripehral disconnected, but then also no luck to hear beep or see video

  4. Tried putting each peripehral one by one, starting with memory, then HDD then optical drives, but no luck

I contacted INTEL tech support, and they say it can be either Processor or Motherboard.

My question is how do I determine which one? I can take to compouter store but hey will charge around $70-80, and 2 days turnaround time.

Is there any way to excatly tell who is bad?

Thanks inadvance



Have you checked the Power Supply? You can do it this way:
Just make sure you unplug all the power connectors going to the motherboard, optical and hard drives etc.


Try starting it bare-bones…
1 stick of memory
no optical drives
no floppy


I tried with one memory module and no optical, and floppy drive. But don’t see any improvement.

the second suggestion for power supply, the power supply I have is without any color code, so don’t know how to perform those steps. But FYI, power supply fan is working, also optical drive, HDD hmmms when conected to power supply, also I see LED light on MOBO next to power connector. So my guess it is still working…

Thansk to all for reply…please help further



I still think there is a good chance it is power related. If you can, try the system with another power supply. I have never seen a PSU without the wire color codes, what is the make and model #?

If the power supply really is fine, it may possible be one of the power connectors on the mobo for power.

Do your motherboard have any capacitors that have failed? Look here to see if you have any leaking or bulging caps.