Is it possible



Is it possible to update my processor from a Pentium 1 to a pentium 3?? if so how much will it cast and where can I get it done??



You’ll probably need a new motherboard too. But it would be a waist of the PIII (and your money) is you stick it in a system with PI era hardware.


you will definitely need a new mobo. i don’t know if you need the pentium III right now, but i would wait a few months until around the holiday season, when lots of new procs will be unveiled. there will be some new discount CPUs, and some new high-end offerings from both intel and amd.

and then, there’s also the cyrix III…but that’s more of a business proc.


Sell your PI and buy a new PIII that’s how it’s done

Greetz Reboq


Cheers for the replies. I think it would cost less just buying a new computer in the sales.



don’t forget that the Pentium 1 probably still has an AT case, while all Pentium 3 motherboards are ATX.

Of course you will have to change your memory banks to, as they are to slow or still edo’s.

Your videokaart should be replaced by an AGP, because it would be a shame to lose performance on that area!

so you change your case, proc, you mobo, your memory banks and your videokcard…

what have you got left? just sell the old pc as one working unit, it’s the only way to still get something for it!