Is it possible?

I had an avi and i converted it to dvd and i want i menu for it… how do you get a menu on it… i used WinAVI to convert it and nero 7 ultra edition to burn it… plz help me so i could make my dvd cool.


If it’s a DVD-Video format then re-rip with DVD Decrypter and import into an authoring program such as TMPGenc, DVD Movie Factory (free trials of payware) or DVD Styler (freeware).

Instructions according to the individual app…

ok thx

why do you have to use DVD Decrypter…why cant i use WinAVI to convert it???

which ones the best out of TMPGenc, DVD Movie Factory,or DVD Styler…


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Yes i get it now, sorry i didnt really understand what you were talking about last time when you said edit your posts… can some plz answer those questions about which ones better and why i shouldnt use WinAVI video converter???plz


You said you had converted the video to DVD-Video already? That’s why I suggested using DVD Decrypter to rip, because you have to do that first in order to add a menu.

Better as in easier to import? Better menu options? Cheaper?

What’s important to you?

Ummm… best in easier and better menu’s

Then DVD Movie Factory… actually thinking about it, that will do the rip for you too.

thx…ill try it

ok…now i got DVD Movie Factory but i dont know how to add a menu…i riped it to my computer and i tryed a lot of things but nothing seems to work…plz help

ok i know how to make the menu’s but i had a DVD…and it was 900 MB in AVI and 3.14 gb in dvd. I tried to make this dvd have a menu. i clicked video disk - new project - dvd - import dvd files - and i imported it - and its a new file…movie clip (it says) and its 3.14 gb. when i try to put it on movie factory…it becomes 7.32 gb and 7.34 gb with menu… i only have 4.7 gb disk…can someone help me or tell me a different program…plz i want to know how to make menu’s on my favorite movies.

THx …plz

Your 900 MB .avi file is not the right type of encoding for a DVD-Video disc, and will have been re-encoded by DVDMF to MPEG2. In doing this, its filesize increases.

If you really want them both on the same disc then use a double-layer (+R DL or -R DL) blank (if your burner will use these).

Otherwise burn the two movies on separate single layer discs.

ummmm…i made the avi to dvd with WinAVI video converter and how do you make in to DVDMF and what does that stand for???

Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 can be downloaded as a demo and then you can import the video using either the Add Video Files button or maybe the Import DVD Video button and then you can make menus and do cool stuff and either burn using DVD MovieFactory or output to VIDEO_TS folder and burn that with Nero or ImgBurn.

Here is a link to the downloadable demo:

Good luck. :slight_smile:

BK… in post #14 the OP says he is using DVD Movie Factory already :wink:

@RuffRyder93: “DVDMF” = “DVD Movie Factory”…

This program has a ‘fit to disc’ facililty, which will re-encode the imported titles to fit on whatever disc size you want. Please read the program instructions for how to do this.

i looked on every manual it had…it u want to know how i did Ctrl + F and then i searched mf and dvdmf and ther was nothing that said that. So can anyone tell me how to do it …plz…thx

OK which version of DVD Movie Factory have you got?