Is it possible?!?



Hello to all!!! Glad to be here and get help/give help! lets hope everythuing works out.


I have a question:

Is it possible to put two seperate games onto ONE CD if they would both fit and came on two seperate CDs?

I ask this because I have two games that are about 6 years old that I still play. The CDs are getting kinda old and have alot of wear on them so I want to back them up. I have Cloned both games with “CloneCD” and found that the total file size of both images are less than 700MB. I also have the small problem of only having one blank CD right now. HAHA

However, I DO have a couple blank DVDs laying around…could that work?

Is that possible!?!

Thank you.


Maybe. That entirely depends on the files and the setup mechanism of the game itself. Some games don’t have problems with it, some do.



Thank you for the reply!

I believe I remember someone giving direction on how to put all 3 disks of Doom 3 onto one DVD so thats why I got this idea.

These two games are REALLY uncomplicated in their installing process. Literally leaves only about 5 files and one folder in my program files.

If I went through and edited all the extraction/read files to direct them to the same cd…would that work!?!

Thanks again for the help.


This will not work using originals, because it (this game) has a copy protection.

And talking about illegal things (like backups with “removed” copy protections) is against the forum rules, AFAIK.