Is it possible?

i had purchased the full version of anydvd about 4-5 months ago, then my computer died so i bought a new one. is it possible to get the full version of anydvd back without paying for it?

and i dont want a pirated version

if you can prove to anydvd that you purchased it, they might be able to send you another key.

although if they don’t, i don’t blame them. The first thing they tell you (and they tell you about 5 different times) is to backup your key somewhere safe in case you need to reformat or have a crash of some sort.

so if you had done as you were told, you’d be able to load the key that you’ve already purchased from teh CD or floppy disc or USB drive that you saved it to and have a working version of anydvd on your new system.

don’t worry

you won’t be offered anything like that around here :disagree: …at least not by any decent forum member :bow: