Is it possible

to make a plextools scan of disc showing PIE’s, PIF’s, POE’s, and POF’s and their averages in the same graph?


Burst Test is the closest you’ll get to what you’re looking for…

what values will it include?

p.s. i don’t have plextor drive… yet. im trying to figure out what capabilities does it have :slight_smile:

you can get all the typical error scanning stats, just not all in the same graph.

You can get the following combination of values in the same scan/graph with PlexTools:

PIE+POF (Sum8 test)
PIF+POF (Sum1 test)
PIE+POE+POF (Burst test)
PIE+POF (Basic test)

A scan is always done at 2x speed, so a scan of a full disc at High Accuracy (all sectors are tested) will take approx. 30 minutes. The disc can also be scanned faster by sampling only some of the sectors (Good/Middle/Low/Lowest Accuracy).

Plextor 712/716 drives in combination with PlexTools can also perform other scanning types: Beta/Jitter test, Focus Error / Tracking Error test.

The Plextor 712/716 drives’ DVD scanning abilities can also be used by the unofficial PxScan/PxView tools. PxScan can scan DVD media at any supported speed (2x, 2-5x, 3-8x, 5-12x, 6-16x), but will have to scan twice to get both PIE and PIF values. PxView will show the output from PxScan.

Here are some scans on a 712A drive of Verbatim DLP 8/12x DVD+R media. Scan #4 is a PxViewPxScan screenshot, the others are from PlexTools:

hmm, so to get PIE + PIF + POE + POF i’d have to do at least two scans, and then there’d be no way to combine them into one screenshot… not nice :frowning:

Yes, not nice… I’m beginning to like how easy I can scan my other drives with Nero CD/DVD Speed. One click to burn (create data disk), another click to do quality scan with all measurements combined. Perhaps we can ask Plextools engineers to “overhaul” Plextools PI/PO/Beta/Jitter test. :smiley:

i may start using PxViewPxScan more…i think the graphs look cooler too :wink: