Is it possible yet to make the 3100 to a 3500?

I bought a dell which came with a 3100ad NEC DL burner but it doesnt support -R. I have a lot of -R and -RW left from my previous computer’s drive TDK 840g (rebadged plextor). I tried using binflash and the tdk 2c8 firmware and the drive is listed as 3500 now but it still can’t burn -R in any program. So is it possible yet to make the 3100 to a 3500.

According to NEC’s offical media list for the ND-3100/3500, the ND-3100 should be able to write DVD-R media.

I think something other than the firmware is causing your problem.
Which type of DVD-R are you trying to write, can you supply a MID code for the media?

The NEC ND-3100 is a DVD+R only drive (read more here). And yes, the ND-3100A can be crossflashed to a ND-3500A. TDB’s newest firmwares (e.g. the 2.C8 firmware; you can get it here (“2.C8 Windows” file) work with the ND-3100A as well.

my ND-3100 does not burn -Rs either and i’m using fuiji 8x dvd-rs

Yes, that’s expected, as written above. Flash your drive with ND-3500 firmware which can be used with the ND-3100 as well (e.g. the TDB firmware mentioned above), and you will have a NEC ND-3500A, which will burn DVD-R discs very well.

I’ve flashed it to nd-3500a using that f/w and it still doesn’t burn dvd-r. I’m using nero.

I tried burning on G04 riteks and a Samsung DVD-RW. I am using the TDK 2c8 firmware. Has anyone successfully crossflashed it to 3500 and tested it? Mine says its 3500 with the f/w under device manager.

To add more, I tried flashing with the latest dos bin.

Since the drive was only meant to burn +r disc as shown on the NEC web site. My guess is that you would have to change electronic components as well as the firmware to get it to burn -r disc.

This is weird, since someone else reported that he successfully crossflashed a ND-3100A to ND-3500A (read this thread). Have you tried flashing the drive in real DOS (e.g. using a bootdisk), using binflash and the .bin version of the 2.C8 firmware?

well I posted on that thread for a clearer answer. Although jason_godly said he flashed it to 3500a which probably was just recognized as that but he stated no proof of it burning -R. That happened to me with every fw which makes my drive read as 3500a but will not cooperate burning or erasing -R or -RW respectively. Where can you get the non windows 2.c8 fw?

You can get the .bin version of the 2.C8 SE firmware here (“2C8_SE_Ritek_4X_DL.rar file”, needs to be unpacked first; not sure if this version is prepared for crossflashing though). I don’t know if TDB or ScorpioSoft can host the TDB 2.C8 version as .bin, but I could dump it and mail it to you if necessary.

I’m wondering if DVD-R support is a few bytes written to NV-RAM (present in the 3500 but not the 3100) i’m pretty sure both the drives hardware is the same.
I seem to recall some 3500 owners not being able to use DVD-R, and reflashing made no difference in most cases. I wonder if those users drives have corrupted NV-RAM.

From what I can see in the firmware (comparing the usual and TDB’s patched version), a few Bytes from whatever memory are read and checked if they equal some values. Unfortunately I was not able to locate these values in my firmware and I don’t know what memory adresses are queried either.

I thought it’s a memory location where “K310” is used for 3100 drives and “K350” for 3500 drives (similar for 2500/2100 or 1300/1100). I should be able to change this value, but from what I saw that’s not the value they check :frowning:

FWIW, I have the same issues trying to use DVD-R media on the 3100 crossflashed to the 3500.

I can burn DVD-R’s but only at 2.4x. I just tried using the C.8 f/w. I’ve tried seemingly every other 3500 f/w around as well. I can still only burn at a max of 2.4x.

Any success with flashing via DOS? I’ve never tried that. Is there a guide handy as to how to do it? Or is it basically throw it on a floppy and reboot?

There are quite a few guides around including the readme file which comes with the TDB f/w’s but I like the simple and concise way Pinto2 describes HERE.:slight_smile:

Good Luck!

Tried 2.f9 Dos Mad dog fw in the link silversurfer provided. No luck. Used the RPC1 bin. There is so many 3100@3500 fw’s but I hardly see any success. Where are you people? Is it because the dell NEC 3100 are different?

I haven’t seen any success. I’ve tried seemingly every 3500 fw around.

Successfully flashing from DOS shouldn’t be any different than successfully flashing from Windows.

What software/firmware/media combo are you using to get the DVD-R’s to burn at 2.4x? I can’t even get that to work.