Is it possible?.?......Video Files-DVD-RW!


im using SONY-DVD-RW(DMW47A2)blank media-for burning video-files

the dvd states that it can hold 4.7GB/120mins of data

i have just burned a folder containing 4.1gbs= 22 individual wmp video clips all ranging from 10-15mins in length…onto the dvd

doesnt that exceed the so called 120mins?
i burned the dvd as a data dvd in nero…all went smooth
and i can play each clip fine on the pc.

but if you add all these video clips length together it exceeds well more that 120mins???

why does the dvd state it can only hold 120mins of video…when ive managed to burn over 4hrs worth :confused:

Average person can burn 120mins of video on a DVD! Because your a Genius you can burn over 240min of video :slight_smile:

is it because i burned the wmv files as data???

Hi Dario44, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

The so-called 120mins is a guideline for how much video you can record using the standard quality (SP) in DVD Video recorders on a 4.7 GB DVD.

If you burn with different quality settings on a DVD Video recorder or if you burn on your computer, the only limit is the available space, i.e. 4.7 GB ~ 4.38 GiB.

Ouch, i can write 360 minutes of video on a dvd-rw with me tv recorder, but i’m no genius for doing it :slight_smile: