Is it possible to use hi8 cassette in the sony dcr trv285e

hi friends…

i own dcr trv285e and i use digital 8cassette…my friend gave me hi8 cassette to convert the videos from it.
But when i try using it… i am not able to video the video or convert it…

please guide me how to get… even though the cassette looks same…

do i have to include any softwares for this

The TRV285E records in digital video on 8mm and Hi8 tapes, but if your friend recorded in analogue Hi8 then it might not be possible for the camera to read it.

Hi, Can anyone help me out with this problem. Your help is greatly appreaciated. Thank you.

What is the difference between a HI8 normal tape and a HI8 Gold tape?

The problem you have is that there are 3 different 8mm formats (possibly more but I only know of 3) and all use similar tapes that are of exactly the same size.

The older 8mm format (analog)
The newer Hi8 format (again analog)
and Digital 8mm format (Digital)

Most of the time you cannot use the tape from one sort in a different sort as the formats are not compatable.

I have a Hi8 and Digital8 camera here and I can use the Hi8 tape in the digital camera to playback BUT it will not output to a PC because the tape was not recorded in the digital format. You could use a capture card to capture the video but it is not as easy as copying from a digital8 tape. Again, this is my video camera here that I bought specifically to allow playback of older 8mm tape formats and I believe most Digital8 cameras will not allow you to do this.

I think you are going to have to borrow your friends camcorder and obtain a video capture card so you can copy the anolog tape onto your PC.

Hi, so do u mean that HI8 Gold Tape is the old 8mm tape? If yes, how can i know the specs of Gold tape and Normal tape? Is gold tape better quality?

I think its just branding. It will still be a Hi8 tape its just supposed to be better quality than a normal tape.

Google brings up nothing about a special “Hi8 Gold tape” so can only assume the above.