Is it possible to use an external encoder?

I really would like to be able to use the original DivX encoder instead of the built in XVid one. The main reason is that there are lots of devices out there that are compatible with the DivX but I can’t play xvid on them. The secondary reason is rather subjective but after lots of test i can see that the quality I get out of DivX is better than XVid.

Anyway, it owuld be nice to have the freedome to choose, and when I asked this question long time ago Fengtao answered that he was working on it, but it doesn’t seem to me that has been implemented (or I need to learn how to create new profiles).

Anybody (Fengtao, perhaps?) knows the status and if there are any plans in that direction?

Thanks a lot


Read up on the Plextor “ConvertX” PX- M402U plugs into a USB port

Thanks for the link, but that not the kind of solution I am looking for. Quality is definetely not going to get better by going out through the video card with a composite TV signal and then encoding it again into DivX.

What I am looking for is to use DVDFab with a generic profile that instead of invoking the built in XVid encoder would use the external DivX encoder.


This has been asked for often in the Feature Request thread and I think is on the “to-do” list for the future.