Is it possible to use a modem/router as modem only?



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After buying the new router I am having a lot of troubles, and nothing is working anymore as it used to be… A download manager I was using regularly without any issues now crashes all the time in a totally random way (sometimes after many hours, sometimes after few minutes :confused: ), and the tech support is pretty useless because they only blame the firewall and provide no real solution. On a side note, I already tried to disable firewall, but it didn’t solve, so I still have no idea what it the cause. The only thing I know for sure is that everything started since when I installed the new router (a TP-Link TL-R600VPN).

Now I’m tired of all this crap and I decided to buy a new router hoping to solve all of this once forever…

Currently my choice is the Asus N66U, but my real problem is about the modem.

After searching in many stores, I noticed that there are only two brands producing modems: D-link and Tp-link.

I bought two D-link and both died after a couple of days, so I’ll never buy anymore that crap. The TP-link I’m using right now seems pretty unstable, so I’d like to get something better. I also have a linksys AM200, but that modem was used with my previous router, the one I replaced after getting a lot of disconnections. In the doubt that this modem is damaged too, I prefer to get a new modem anyway.

In a store I found a Linksys WAG120N that is a router with embedded modem. Because of linksys should be a more reliable modem, I’d like to use the asus router with the WAG120N modem.

Is it possible to do that? The linksys has a telephone line connector and 4 LAN ports, so how can I connect the linksys to the asus then? Is it sufficient to connect a regular LAN cable from any LAN port of linksys to the WAN port of asus?

Even more important, is it possible to disable the router in the WAG120N so it can be used as modem only?

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Hi geno888 , I have AT&T DSL I went the opposite way . I kept the Zoom modem/router as the router & turned the Netgear router into a switch hub with wireless access . So far this is working fine for me.


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Providing that is possible to set the modem/router as a bridged modem (i.e. disabling the routing part completely), how should be connections? Any LAN port from the linksys to the WAN port of the router is correct?


Mine is not set as a bridged modem.
On the router that is not a modem you only use the LAN ports .
The modem/router is conected to one of the LAN ports & the computer to the other. The wireless didn’t take anything extra to work but I set up this to only accept the MAC address of the laptop.


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At the moment I’m testing the AM200 (the modem I removed because in doubt that it was causing disconnections). So far so good :eek:


If I can be of any help I will. Not an expert . I just Googled & worked with mine until I got it to work. Getting the internal & external IP addresses between the router only & modem/router was the biggest thing.
Other than that disabling the NAT & DHCP in the router if yours has those features is necessary . Anything else that the router part of the modem/router is able to do
You want to try to disable in the router that is turned into a switch with wireless entry. This keeps both from doing the same job & slowing things down if not conflicting & causing problems.


I don’t know who your provider is, but whichever the case be, I find its always best to contact the ISP provider support (unless you know how to do the following yourself) and ask them assist you to configure their modem/Router combo into bridge mode, meaning you disable all of its routing and firewall protocols, hence making it a modem only.

Next get a Tomato firmware capable router, the ASUS rt-n16 or 66U are two excellent models, I prefer the 16n for bang for buck, but the 66U has a much stronger built in in amplifier and does A-mode and has the 5GHz band… if that’s something you need of course.

If those are too expensive look at the TP-Link models which are firmware capable of gargoyle firmware, you will see much greater stability than stock.