Is it possible to upgrade the 800a w/out paying 10.00

please forgive me but i am a newbie and i would appreciate any help.
I was told that i have to pay 10.00 to BENQ to upgrade my 800A to burn DVD-R but the they are no longer offering the firmware to do that. i e-mailed them 4 times and i did not get a response.

Is it possible to get the firmware w/out paying the $10.00 and if so, where could i get the firmware?

thank you all for any help u could give me

Actually you can but I don’t recommend it. The Benq 8XX series do not do justice to -R writing plus it’s only $10.00 to be legit!

ok, you said i can do it but how?

i updated my BENQ 800A TO 822A W/ firmware B3LC but now my dvd burner does not read cds or burn cds. i wander what happened.

Did you use one of the cvt files? You might want to give K a try or just reflash with L using the offical exe.

I just read the release notes for that L firmware. I don’t know if that could have anything to do with your problem. Try the B3LC-2 firmware. Its suppose to work when flashing from all previous firmwares for the 822.

Release Reason:

1. Fixed the issue which DVD-R media is limited to burn at 2.4x under Nero Express.

Notice: This firmware is ONLY for the upgrade from B3KC.

I you want to respect & support BENQ then you should pay that 10 bucks too.

[QUOTE=DMagic1]Did you use one of the cvt files? You might want to give K a try or just reflash with L using the offical exe.

i did not use the cvt files from the unoffical benq firmware page but i will a.s.a.p. after work

please read my first post about this issue, i tried to contact BENQ 4 times through e-mail about paying the $10.00 because on their website they no longer support 800A DUAL format firmware. they never replied back to me. they forced me into finding dual format support elsewhere.
i guess BENQ did not care to reply back to me and for that reason i will no longer support BENQ any longer.

We(atleast I do) understand. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t saying that you had to use one of the cvt files. I was just asking to rule out all causes of your problems.

BenQ is sometimes slow about getting back to emails. Don’t let that turn you away from a very good maker. They support their products very well. The fact that they even offered the upgrade is beyond what many makers would do.

DMAGIC1, i appreciate your help. the cvt files did not work to restore cd reading/burning but your firmware upgrade did upgrade this drive to burn DVD-R and for that i say thank you. i don’t know if i will go back to BENQ or just go with NEC 3500. The decision would of been easier had BENQ tried to E-mail me back.

BenQ DW1620A is a fine drive, I actually use it as much if not a little more than my NEC 3500AG on most occasions. I like both drives (in terms of burning) about the same although I will say that the BenQ is certainly a much better reader and I love the ability to be able to do PIE/PIF testing through Nero CD/DVD Speed. :slight_smile: