Is it possible to unlock the ripping speed on PX-716A?

was wondering if their is a hacked firmware that unlocks the ripping speed. i seen in plextools the box to enable speed read but it still rips slow whereas my benq 1640 blows it away in ripping.

Unfortunately it’s not possible, yet.

when you say yet zevia, do you know something we all should know about??? :slight_smile:

“Anything is possible” but guess no one wants to touch Plextor firmwares.

What ripping tool are you using and what rip speeds are you seeing.

using dvdshrink and it was real slow around 2000kbs or so where my other roms i use regularly get 8000 or so for dual layer dvd’s

My 716 easily reaches 11x on DL ripping. No need for hacked FW here. Enable Speedread should be checked anyway in Plextools.

Sounds like PIO instead of DMA. Check the FAQ.

No need for hacked FW here.
That’s actually the main reason why no one cares to make a hack :wink:

well the speed read box is checked and the DMA mode is correct - UDMA 4.

Sometimes you must additionally set the read speed to maximum manually

I have a 716SA and with DVDD I get rip speeds ol DL stamped media in excess of 10x. Depends on the health of the DVD. In DVDD there’s a check box to enable speed read for Plextor Drives. Also I have my Plextools enable for enable speed read CD/DVD. The DVD read setting is 8x-12x. The I have had occasion with badly damaged DVDs where I got read errors. Depending on the numbers of those sometimes the 716SA drive goes down to 2x and locks at 2x. Shutting down the program and ejecting and installing a new disk seems to reset it back to normal.

I don’t know if the OS has reset the mode to something other than what it is reporting. There have been some other threads about this. I requires going into the system hardware window and uninstalling some things then rebooting and let the OS reinstall things. My 708A gets set back to PIO mode and I would have to do the reset. But for the 708A the OS (WinXP Pro) in my case would identify it had been set back to PIO mode.

Let us know what you find out. Things like this can be a real pain in the b-tt.
Good luck :wink: