Is it possible to successfully compress CD images and then burn them on CDs?

Well I did not actually tried this, but I wonder if it is possible to compress CD images with lets say winrar or other compressing tool

I cannot back-up the latest versions of safedisc (3.20 in my case) and as the image is too big to fit as such on one cd I thought this could be a solution to free some space from my hard disck without having to make an image of the original cd every time I want to play it

So, my questions are two:

  1. Is it possible to burn an image as such (so not as recreating a CD) and thus avoid problems that occur when you want to recreate/clone a CD?

  2. Is it possible to successfully compress CD images?

Well, I hope I was not too confusing and thank you for any reactions on this

  1. You can use something like Nero to burn the images without burning the images so to speak. If you don’t have the space then use larger CD’s

  2. You should be able to compress the images. I have no idea want ratio you will get so you may want to try WinZip, WinRAR, WinAce all out to see which offers the best compression.

If that was possible, would not be a solution to go around the protection of recent games that don’t allow you to burn their images? There’s got to be a catch, it would be too simple to be able to make images and then burn them like this on cds…

And Womble what did you mean about larger CDs? As far as I know, the biggest Cds available to the general public are of 700 Mb… That and of course DVDs but I dont have a dvd writer for the moment