Is it possible to recover Samsung 332B combo after bad flashing?

While I happily started to flash my new Samsung 332 combo with firmware 404 (RC1) an electricity blinked - and of course flashing process stops (computer started to reload) After that mobo bios do not recognised dead drive, as was already mentioned many times here. Green light on the front panel is blinking constantly as the drive is spinning all the time. I have tried several utilites (MtkWinFlash, Mtkflash162, Mtkflash155, Mtkflash148, (sfdnwin.exe, Sfdndos.exe-those are Samsung’s own utils), even Ricoh’s RFlash_602.exe) to reflash it - at zero success. Tried hot swap also (Friend of my have same drive) Same result.
Is there any way to solve this problem ? Or I’m in the dead end?

Unfortunately, the only solution to fix the drive may be to flash the Chip externally, but this is not an easy process :frowning:

Yesterday exchanged broken drive without any trouble. They offered Samsung 348 or equal LG. I’ve choosed Toshiba 1312 with small additional payment…:slight_smile:
Consider case is closed
P.S. All my request for help from Samsung offices in me city (St.Peterburg) or from all around the world are still unanswered. Not a word!