Is it possible to read a CD bit by bit and then qrite it bit by bit?



A mate came across Anadisk and used it to copy a protected floppy for the owner. Scandisk reported bad sectors, but the actual protection was something like a sector size change.

Anyway, it apparantly read bit by bit and wrote bit by bit.

He posed a question, why cant someone make a program to read cds bit by bit so that we’ll be able to copy any protection, even ones with dual sectors.

I had no idea what to say because I dont know enough on the subject, so I thought Id ask CDFreaks.


Generally, reading raw is done bit-by-bit. Tages uses double sectors that will be different if read forwards than backwards. This is beatable by reading cdrom forwards, then backwards, then merging results.

As for securom, starforce, and other dpm based protections, bit-by-bit is useless. These protections use the actual angle between sectors.


OK, thanks for the info. :slight_smile: